Michael Shellenberger


Michael Shellenberger, best-selling author, and investigative reporter.

PRC celebrated its 138th anniversary at the April 17th annual dinner, held at Brookside Golf Club.  The evening’s keynote speaker was Michael Shellenberger, best-selling author, and investigative reporter.  addressed the dire circumstances caused by homeless encampments throughout the state. 

Shellenberger’s remarks painted a clear picture of the situation. “To be clear: They’re not homeless encampments. They’re open drug markets where dealers are taking advantage of human beings who need mental health and addiction treatment. These camps we all drive by daily are dens of human trafficking, rape, and murder.  And with it all comes the crime of desperate addicts seeking their next fix.

 “California is in chaos. An intervention is required. As a journalist and author, during the past several years I have literally gone to the streets of our cities – to San Francisco’s Tenderloin to Los Angeles’ Skid Row – to truly understand why we are failing as a civilization to maintain order and care for people.

“What I discovered shocked me. California is in chaos. And we will not return to normal until the rampant homelessness and crime are cured, and order is restored.”

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