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Grand Old Party....Grand Old Pasadena

The Pasadena Republican Club was founded on March 29, 1884, and its membership included every Republican in the thriving ten-year-old village of some two hundred families settled among acres of orange groves. This was four years after Republican President Rutherford B. Hayes visited Pasadena.

It is doubtful even the most optimistic founders on that day visualized they were launching an organization that would – a century and a half later – be the oldest, continuously active volunteer Republican club in the United States of America!

Today the Club exists principally for the purpose of advancing and furthering the aims and principles of the Republican Party in the Pasadena area by functioning as a volunteer organization, coordinating and assisting volunteer Republican groups, providing a medium for the expression of political ideals and principles of the membership. The Board takes seriously its responsibility to bring highly acclaimed, conservative speakers to the Club’s monthly meetings.


The Pasadena Republican Club aligns itself with Republican Party values including America First! The Club stands for a strong military; secure boarders; states’ rights; freedom of thought; and, equality and opportunity for all.

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Your membership supports the election of Republican candidates to federal, state, and

local offices.  Your PRC membership also helps fund and operate our Republican headquarters in Pasadena.