Our History

A Political Seed Was Planted Among the Orange Trees...

The Pasadena Republican Club was founded on March 29, 1884, and its membership included every Republican in the thriving ten year old village of some two hundred families settled among acres of orange groves.  This was four years after Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, the first president of the United States ever set foot in Pasadena.


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Walter Stahr

Author, Historian, International Attorney

“SALMON P. CHASE AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY” How the Republican Party emerged in 1860 out of the “soup” of parties and factions in the United States

Walter Stahr was educated at Phillips Exeter Academy; graduated from Stanford University; and received his law degree from Harvard Law School. He had a celebrated career practicing international litigation law and then spent several years working with the Chair of the Securities & Exchange Commission. Mr. Stahr has written acclaimed books on prominent Americans: John Jay, Founding Father; William Henry Seward, Lincoln’s “indispensable man;” and Edwin Stanton, Lincoln’s Secretary of War. He grew up in Arcadia and resides with his family in Southern California.


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